Jefferson County Community Foundation


Strategic philanthropy bridges ‘what is‘ and ‘what can be‘. 

Unite with like-minded people who want to pool their charitable resources to address the needs of our community. Giving Circles provide social and educational benefits for members as they share hopes and visions for our community, research community needs, and make collective decisions. It is a participatory process that strengthens the lives of all involved.

Jefferson County Community Foundation provides for the management of funds and support of the circles’ activities so that Giving Circle members can spend their time on what they love best: Making a difference in our community

Better Living Through Giving

The JCCF “Better Living Through Giving” formed in 2015.

Better Living Through Giving Circle

Left to R:  Craig Wier, Doug VanAllen, Cathie Wier, Francesco Tortorici, Ruth Lytle, Rena Murman, Roger McPherson.  Missing:  Roger Hagan, Fred Kimball, Janie Kimball and Earll Murman.

GC3 Giving Circle

The JCCF “GC3” Giving Circle formed in March, 2014.  The group has chosen food security as their 2014 area of interest.  After learning about local programs that are addressing the issue, they will award a $10,000 grant to an organization that is having a significant impact on hunger in Jefferson County.

GC3 Giving Circle

Bottom row left: Mara Lathrop, Judith Dickinson, Julie Gertler, Grace Dumenil

Top Row Left: Mary Rothschild, Kris Morris, Eileen Cooney, Nancy McLachlan, Herb Cook, Lisa Painter


GC3 GIVING CIRCLE 2015 $10,000 GRANT RFP AVAILABLE Giving Circle GC3 Request for Proposals

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