Strategic philanthropy bridges 'what is' and 'what can be'. 

Unite with like-minded people who want to pool their charitable resources to address the needs of our community. Giving Circles provide social and educational benefits for members as they share hopes and visions for our community, research community needs, and make collective decisions. It is a participatory process that strengthens the lives of all involved.

Jefferson County Community Foundation provides for the management of funds and support of the circles' activities so that Giving Circle members can spend their time on what they love best: Making a difference in our community

Gifting the Future Giving Circle

Started in 2009, Gifting the Future Giving Circle has a clear vision: They are passionate about funding nonprofit organizations that will make a sustainable difference in the lives of Jefferson County residents, now and in the future. Each member contributes $1000 per year for 3 years, with a grant of $10,000 awarded each year.

Top row left: Gigi Callaizakis, Carla Main, Kris Mayer, & Sue Conklin Seated left: Katy Friedel, Susie Learned, & Janette Force

(not present Pam Dionne, Martha Trolin, & Sonchen Patton)

2012/2013 Giving CIrcle Award Recipient:

Marine Science Center

The Marine Science Center was awarded the final gift of the Gifting the Future giving circle for their efforts towards capacity building. They will use the $10,000 award to increase marketing and fund development by implementing a new business plan, explore outreach and marketing possibilities, as well as staff and board training. 

Download the 2012/13  RFP Capacity Building Grant Now!

2012 Giving Circle Grant Award Recipient:

Port Townsend Library Collaborative

Download the grant proposal Libraries for All_grant_2.

For the past 2½ years educators from the Port Townsend Public Library and Port Townsend School District have met regularly to discuss the possibility of library collaboration.  And, now, thanks to the Jefferson County Community Foundation’s Gifting the Future Giving Circle, students attending Port Townsend public schools will soon have access to city and county library collections.  The Giving Circle has selected the Port Townsend Public Library Foundation for a $10,000 grant to create an integrated network that will link the school library collections with the libraries in the Cooperative Library Automated Network (C.L.A.N.) system.  C.L.A.N. consists of the Port Townsend Public Library, Jefferson County Library, and Brinnon and Quilcene school libraries.  Students and faculty will have access to a large online catalog of books, magazine, music, and DVD’s instead of material just in the school libraries.  And, by utilizing the existing courier service between C.L.A.N. libraries, materials can be delivered to the Port Townsend school libraries in a timely manner.  In addition, with professionally selected databases available, faculty will be able to teach students how to effectively navigate information to access the relevant material they need for research.  Not every student in Port Townsend has easy access to a public library.  This integration essentially brings public libraries to the students in their schools and will help provide a level of “literacy equality” that is critical for the students in Port Townsend. 

“This proposal fit perfectly with our goal of funding projects which are sustainable and create systemic change,” says Suzanne Learned, member of gifting the Future giving circle.  “Circle members want to give to an organization that is making a difference in our county and can show us that our funds will be used for lasting change by focusing on building organizational capacity.  Providing current library services to students in Port Townsend schools seems integral to their success.”

Theresa Percy, Director of Port Townsend Public Library feels that this project has the potential to serve as a model of collaboration for school and public libraries in the state as well as nationally.  It is a sustainable model with strong support from the City of Port Townsend, Jefferson County Library and the Port Townsend School District.  “We believe this project can serve as a model for other public libraries and school districts, especially in small, rural areas,” says Percy.  “Looking to the future, we see the potential for collaboration that could include the North Olympic Library system, further increasing the ability of all students on the Olympic Peninsula to acquire the skills needed to discover and use information for productive and fulfilled lives.”

2011 Giving Circle Grant Award Recipient:

Habitat for Humanity of East Jefferson County 

Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative (NRI)

Download the grant proposal 2010 NRI Grant Proposal


Women Who Care Giving Circle

The Women Who Care Giving Circle was the first giving circle established by Jefferson County Community Foundation. Starting in 2008 with 13 women, the mission of this giving circle was to explore the needs of this community and invest in nonprofit organizations for a systemic and sustainable change. Each member contributed $1000 per year for 3 years, with a grant of $13,000 awarded per year. Women Who Care Giving Circle awarded it's last grant in 2010.

Read more about Women Who Care Giving Circle here.

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